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Trip Costs

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trip basic cost air fare rental equip new equip cont fund total
US / Canadian Trips
Classic Cape Cod (CCC) $1950 - $105 - - $2055
Vermont (VER) $1500 - $105 - - $1605
Atlantic Sea Breeze (ASB) $2900 - $70 - - $2970
Oregon and California (ORCA) $3450 not included - $350 - $3800
Multi-sport Trips
Vermont Multisport (VTM) $1950 - $105 - - $2055
Challenge Trips
A Thousand Miles (ATM) $2850 - - $360 - $3210
Cross Country South (USA-S) $4500 not included - $360 $75 $4860
Cross Country North (USA-N) $5100 not included - $360 $75 $5460
European Trips
Amsterdam To Paris (ATP) $5300 not included - $350 - $5650
Spain & Portugal (SPN) $5300 not included - $350 - $5650

Total Trip Cost

The TOTAL TRIP COST of each trip consists of the BASIC COST, the EQUIPMENT PACKAGE (rental or purchase), the AIRFARE cost if applicable, and the refundable CONTINGENCY FUND.

Basic Cost

The basic trip cost is an all-inclusive price, covering food, accommodations, transportation to and from Boston or New York at the beginning and end of the trip, scheduled transportation during the trip, scheduled activities, laundry, leadership, hostel membership if needed, use of group equipment (cooking equipment, tents for camping trips, bike repair equipment, and first aid supplies).

The basic trip cost and applicable airfare are subject to change if accommodation costs and/or airfares increase, and/or if foreign exchange rates result in a drop in the value of the dollar. If required by an airline, people on western and European trips may need to send the airfare payment earlier than May 1.

Equipment Package Cost

An equipment package of essential cycle touring is included in the TOTAL TRIP COST at a substantial savings. Your specific trip description will indicate if you keep and take home the equipment package or if you are renting the equipment and returning it to SHP at the end of the trip. If your trip includes a rental package, you still have the option to purchase a new equipment package to keep.

Contingency Fund

The contingency fund is an individual reserve fund carried by the leader and returned to parents after the trip. It is used in the event of unexpected minor problems which might arise in a travel situation such as lost clothing and small bike repairs, etc.


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